The Turk with the loden coat

“Our platform will reflect and shape the new German-Turkish interconnectedness, beyond time-worn clichés and the tiring political debate about integration”, promised Melisa Karakuş and Ömer Mutlu, founders of renk., when they brought the project to life in 2013. This interview with Ertekin Hasanbeyoğlu, once known in Hamburg as “the blond Turk”, was Romero’s second contribution for renk.

Ertekin Hasanbeyoğlu in Blankenese
Text: Evan Romero
Photos: Ertekin Hasanbeyoğlu. Evan Romero
One night in Katelbach

The real soul kitchen

The founders of Kitchen Guerilla had it a bit too easy cooking in hijacked restaurants, so they looked for tougher challenges and worked their magic in more unexpected places: on a sailing ship, in a motorcycle garage, in a gas station, in a refugee camp... They ended up venturing beyond Hamburg’s frontiers and now the Istanbul division of this “mobile gastronomic unit” has been established.

Kitchen Guerilla
Text: Evan Romero
Photos: Olaf Deharde. Daniel Kellermann
A coup by Kitchen Guerilla