Evan Romero (Caracas, 1972) began acquiring experience as a journalist in 1995 and graduated from Communications Sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2002. Since then, his focus has been on research, reporting and creative writing in English, Spanish and German for print and digital media, public institutions and corporate clients.

Romero moved to Hamburg in 2003, in time to witness the Hanseatic city gaining extraordinary relevance in the relations between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean – an interregional dialogue that he has frequently covered for Deutsche Welle: Germany’s international public broadcaster has published his articles in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek and Mandarin.

Other portraits, interviews, chronicles and stories have flowed from his pen to appear in Amnesty Journal, Altona Magazin, renk. and Szene Hamburg (Germany), Exceso and the gastronomic journal Cocina y vino (Venezuela), Médias (France), Media Diversified (United Kingdom) and Hunter magazine (Spain). He has also seen his videographic projects screened in several European film festivals.

Before embracing journalism, Romero studied Visual Communication at ProDiseño, Venezuela’s most influential school in the field of graphic design. ProDiseño rescued the academic legacy of its predecessor, Instituto de Diseño (idd), founded in Caracas by the Czech entrepreneur Hans Neumann in 1964. Following the Bauhaus canon, the idd was the first center in Latin America to teach industrial and graphic design.

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