Visual Communication

Visual Communication
Since 1993


The emphasis on the typographic education of its students has always been a defining feature of the superior school for visual communication ProDiseño, of which Romero is a founding member. His skill in harmonizing the written text and its formal vehicles derive from his instruction as a graphic designer (1989-1993) and a journalist (1995-2000). Under these lines, a few examples of Romero’s work.

Promotional posters for culturaland academic events
Promotional posters for cultural 
and academic events.
Cartel contra la violencia.
Design and calligraphy: Evan Romero. Included
in “Graphis Poster 94” (ISBN: 3-85709-394-3)

Under the wings of renown poster designer Santiago Pol, Romero explored the communicative potential of calligraphy. His poster for a student project against violence was selected for showcasing in the yearbook Graphis Poster 94 and the one he co-created with Pepe Barnola to promote the iii Latin American University Choirs Festival belongs to the permanent collections of the agi and the Museum of Design in Zürich.

2005 – 2007

Editorial design

Among the many magazines printed by Gruner+Jahr, geo Saison stands out for its discrete graphic sophistication. Under the guidance of Astrid Borowski –a former student of Germany’s first art director, Willy Fleckhaus–, Romero conceived several layouts for this travel monthly. Before that, he worked at tina (Bauer Media Group) and healthy living (Life & Health).

Layouts and infographic for the travel magazine “GEO Saison”.
Art direction: Arne Kluge. Photos:
G. Westlich, C. Sonderenger, A. Acquadro
Layouts for an article about Kluane National Park and Reserve.
Art direction: Astrid Borowski
Photos: I. Herb
Layout for “tina” magazine’s “Nutrition” section.
Art direction: Anja Schlack
Photos: R. Hartmann, Stockfood, Superbild
Layouts for the health monthly “healthy living”.
Art direction: Andrea Neuhaus.
Photos: B. Wölkow
1994 – 1996

Corporate identity

After contributing to consolidate Ateneo de Caracas’ image through the promotion of this cultural complex’s activities and spaces, Romero participated in the conception of corporate identity pieces at Fernando Duprat’s film production company Nexus and David Punchard’s asset management bureau Graform, which counted Autodesk Latin America and Petróleos de Venezuela among its clients.

Promotional pieces for Ateneo de Caracas’ activities.
Art direction: Mario Guanaguanay
Images: Buena Vista, Sony Classics
Artwork for Ray “Rocket” Jutkins’ video conference
Art direction: Carlos Cotte
Stills: Nexus
Corporate identity for several clients of Graform.
Art direction:
Víctor Pastore/Roselena Troconis