Evan Romero has been curating music video anthologies since 2008. Calligraffitypophilia is one of them. His retrospectives have been screened in several European cities: at the queer film and arts festival Fringe! in London, at Skeive Filmer in Oslo, at Pink Panorama in Lucerne, at the Porn Filmfestival in Berlin and at the lgbtiq film festivals in Bremen, Hamburg y Münster.

Promotional poster for “Calligraffitypophilia”
Promotional poster. Still from the music video
“Kiss land”, courtesy of director Andrew Baird

Calligraffitypophilia compiles some of the most outstanding graffiti, calligraphic and typographic work created for the visual dramatization of musical productions, from the scribbles portrayed in Donn Alan Pennebaker’s short-film Subterranean Homesick Blues (1967), for the Bob Dylan song of the same name, to the animated world of letters in the clip conceived by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for Alex Gopher’s track The Child (1999).


Stay tooned!

This anthology celebrates the prolific alliances between songwriters, performers and visual artists by bringing some of the most outstanding animated music videos to the large screen; from Lee Mishkin’s work for Love is All (1974), performed by Roger Glover featuring Ronnie James Dio, to David Wilson’s video clip for Let Go (2010), performed by The Japanese Popstars featuring Green Velvet.

“Stay tooned!” is a music video anthology curated by Evan Romero
Promotional poster. Stills from the music video
“Wamono”, courtesy of director +cruz