GEO Saison

GEO Saison
October 2007 + October 2008

Barcelona ~ Havana

Romero’s investigative skills came to the fore in the data verification for two pieces published by Gruner+Jahr’s travel magazine geo Saison: Update Havanna (October 2007) and the information fragment from the story ¡Hola, Daniel! (October 2008), which describes a tour through Barcelona with German-Spanish actor Daniel Brühl as guide. In that piece, Brühl shares the city’s best-kept secrets. 

Páginas de dos ediciones diferentes de “GEO Saison”
Photos: Frank Siemers. Jörg Wenzel. Christian
Heeb/Laif. Maps: Stephan Hauf
August 2007

A continental race

“New train routes have been built, old ones have been resurrected. In Germany and many other European countries it has been ages since so many resources were invested in railway transportation”, says Katharina Kramer in her story Destination: Future, published by the German travel magazine geo Saison. The infographic designed by Evan Romero illustrates data about the fastest trains in Europe.

Infographic design for “GEO Saison”
Art Direction: Arne Kluge
Photos: Christof Sonderegger. Aldo Acquadro/Look